D2L Career Development

Our office realizes we can't possibly meet the needs of all students with events and in-person appointments.  I facilitate CUprofessional Online D2L.  I oversee content creation, assessment completion, digital badge tracking, and communicate program completion with the coordinator of mentoring and internships. 

NACE Career Coaching Fundamentals

In July 2016 I completed the NACE Career Coaching Fundamentals program.  This coaching strategy focuses on best practices to establish and conduct effective and ethical coaching sessions for students. I have been able to implement strategies to create an environment that supports mutual respect and  communicate effectively during a coaching session. My career coaching philosophy is to use empowerment and positive reinforcement to create a partnership approach with students.

Digital Badging

In 2015 the CU Career launched an initiative to gamify career development by the use of digital badges.  The program started with bronze, silver, and gold badges and has now evolved to a CUpro badge, CUmentor badge, Platinum badge, and DiscoverU badge.

Career Liaison Model

I started my career development journey as a generalist and in 2011 was the first career specialist for the College of Business Administration.  As our program grew, I elected to move to the College of Arts & Sciences where I serve as the Career Liaison to:
Arts, Communication, Languages, Public & Human Services along with Environmental & Natural Resources and Math.