CU Career TV

CU Career TV is a partnership between the Communication Department Production Media course and the Career Center.  
My role was to coordinate the office talent and topics and serve as the series host.

Digital Media Intern Projects

During the summer of 2018 my primary responsibility was to oversee the media intern. I assisted in script creating, identifying talent and location for his capstone internship project.  I worked with the talent during script read through to ensure a clear understanding of emotions, tone and inflection. 

Social Proof Commercials

Focus groups have taught us that students want to hear about experiences from their peers.  I launched a campaign in spring 2017 to include student career success stories.

Career Development Webinars

Using the Zoom platform to host webinars for students has helped the Clarion University Career Center to provide instruction to more students.  We have seen a more than 50% growth in our YouTube channel in the past year.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Like Page Ad Campaigns

I use an "ICT" system to split test multiple images to discover an image (or video) that is well received. Once the winning video or image is discovered (based on a low cost-per like price) I move on to testing a variety of copy.  I use post engagement (reactions, comments, and shares) to make a determination of success or failure.  The final stage is to test the winning image and ad copy with a variety of audiences to find my ideal client.

Using this system, I have grown my business page from around 1000 dis-engaged fans to more than 9500 engaged and ideal client fans in less than two years. 

Branding, Visuals and Scroll Stopping Images

Having worked with a brand specialist to craft a catchy slogan, logo, brand colors and type-fonts was something that I invested in early on a a health coach.  I recognized how important it was for images to have a similar look and feel.  

Quality images gives your audience the perception that you are a professional.   

Instagram Strategy

Instagram is a newer platform for my health coaching business.  Creating a unique hashtag strategy to attract a specific, niched in audience has been important.  Avoiding the more popular hashtags and testing hashtags that relate to my brand and specific audience.